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PLEASE, I am open to suggestions from the community! What are some good cydia tweaks that are worth the $$$ and wont decrease battery life, but improve my iOS experience! Tell me some of your favorites too!

asked 08 Jun '12, 15:56

Vote4Pedr0's gravatar image


Some of my favorites.

Paid: - iCaughtU Pro - iFile - ScrollingBoard - SBRotator - WiFi Analyzer - WiFi Booster

Free: - AskToCall (prevents butt-dialing) - Bolt (the tweak not the theme) - Five Icon Switcher - Flashlight - Icon Renamer - Internalizer - Keypad Transparency - Label Slider - MobileVolumeSound - MultiIconMover - No Folder Badges - No Page Dots - PhoneCloser - Pull To Refresh (for Mail and Safari) - ResetAllKiller - ShowCase - SoftwareUpdateKiller - SwitcherMod - Tab+ (more than 9 Safari tabs) - WeatherIcon - WiFi Passwords - WinterBoard - XCon


answered 08 Jun '12, 16:46

Pepper's gravatar image

Pepper ♦

Thanks! I'll be looking into these! Greatly appreciated

(08 Jun '12, 16:48) Vote4Pedr0 Vote4Pedr0's gravatar image

FYI, ScrollingBoard and InfiniDock+InfiniFolders are pretty much the same thing and conflict with each other. I've used both, they're both good.

(08 Jun '12, 16:50) Pepper ♦ Pepper's gravatar image

BiteSMS (paid only if you don't want ads)- Lockinfo- Callbar- Airserver- iFile (paid for best features)- Springtomize2- Quasar (bit buggy still tho)- 3G Unrestrictor- MyWi


answered 08 Jun '12, 17:00

cybr1d's gravatar image

cybr1d ♦

edited 08 Jun '12, 17:01

quasar is more than a bit buggy. its promising but not more. starting one of my favorite apps, pocket (formerly read it later), everytime crashes the ipad if quasar is enabled. either reset it or wait 2 minutes for it to recover.

this paired with iphone apps fixed at x1 size and the annoying rotation bugs alone makes it nothing more than an alpha version for me. I hope quasar evolves and my 10$ are not totally wasted.

It also really needs options to customize app start behaviour per app.

(08 Jun '12, 17:12) egalus egalus's gravatar image

Yea, Quasar has its problems, but I am still throughly enjoying it on my iPad2. It's a one of a kind app and like you, I'm hoping the developer will have more time for it now. (School's out for summer and the dev is like 15)

(08 Jun '12, 17:43) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image
  1. Voice Activator
  2. IntelliScreenX
  3. InfiniApps (Dock, Board, Folders)
  4. Barrel
  5. iCleaner
  6. Stride
  7. ReconizeMe
  8. Android LockXT

answered 08 Jun '12, 16:04

ixamuel's gravatar image


Anybody else?

(08 Jun '12, 16:38) Vote4Pedr0 Vote4Pedr0's gravatar image

LockInfo, IntelliScreen X, Deck :3


answered 08 Jun '12, 18:07

perfectpete216's gravatar image


Lockinfo, Copic, iGotYa, SleepFX, Barrel, iBlacklist, 3g unrestrictor, mywi


answered 08 Jun '12, 18:12

jkister's gravatar image


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