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i'm a little new to the jailbreak community and the one thing that has been bothering me is what exactly is SSH and how do you use it to copy saved game data? is it through a PC or Mac or it can be done through the iphone itself? and will the app called 'AppLinks' from Cydia faciliate the process?

any help is appreciated, thanks!

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SSH, in simple terms, is a way to remotely access a PC irregardless of whatever operating system (Win, Mac, Linux, Unix, etc.). It has to be enabled to allow access (for good reason, you simply just don't want to leave an open door for anyone to access).

There are ssh clients for both Mac and PC. Since you are new to this, you would probably want a client that is not pure command line driven. If you are using a PC, WinSCP is good and free. It has a graphical interface to transfer files and a terminal window for command line use. I can't think of any off hand for the Mac since I don't use them that often.

AppLinks makes it easier to identify which file directories on the iDevice belong to a specific app. Otherwise, you will see a bunch of random numbers and letters in the apps directory and would have to go look in each directory to see which app it belongs to.

So to get to your game save data, you can do this a few ways. I'll tell you 2 ways that I know of.

  1. Use iPhone Explorer: . In cydia, install afc2add and AppLinks. Then run iPhone explorer and look for the game you want to get the save data for. It is just like using Windows explorer or Finder.
  2. Use WinSCP: . In cydia, install OpenSSH and AppLinks. I guess it would be important to note that for this to work well, you will need your iDevice on your network because you need to find it's IP address. Use WinSCP to log in to your iDevice by entering its IP using the username: root and password: alpine. This is the stock password for iDevices so you will want to change it using the terminal window in WinSCP. Enter the command: passwd and change the password. Then using the explorer-like interface look for the game directory you are interested in.

If you do not do the SSH method, you do not need to attempt to change the stock password because SSH is disabled if you don't install OpenSSH.

I don't know what files exactly in a given game are the save files, so your best bet would probably be to just back up the whole game and work from there. Usually, backing up the iDevice in iTunes keeps game save data, but there really is no harm in doing a full one yourself using alternate methods such as these.


answered 11 Feb '11, 09:56

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SSH already exists on all macs, you just have to open /Applications/Utilites/Terminal, and type "SSH <your-iphones-ip-address>" on the commandline (replacing the <> with your real ip address, obviously).

(11 Feb '11, 10:00) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Just to add to flypx reply,

SSH is a secure shell that allows data to pass through an encrypted connection, thus making it extremely secure. Normal methods, such as FTP, do not encrypt the data, and can allow third parties to intercept packets, basically stealing your data. SSH is very lean and only operates when connected to.

Any client that supports SFTP will connect to a device running an SSH protocol. The default SSH port is 22 (one up from the standard FTP port of 21).

As was said, SSH is included in all UNIX based systems (like Mac OSX), but not Windows. The de facto apps for Windows are Putty (which provides a pure command line environment, useful for changing your default passwords and other "housekeeping") and WinSCP, which is a GUI that can connect to various protocols (not just SSH). It is probably the most friendly tool for the beginner, although a little cumbersome to use. On Mac OS X, you can use the terminal and clients like Transmit or CyberDuck (among others).

If you are going to install OpenSSH through Cydia, make sure you change the passwords for root and mobile (Cydia provides details from its main screen). Leaving them as is (alpine) is a tremendous security risk.

Additionally, third party apps are installed under /User/Applications/XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXXXX (the Xs represent a random sequence of letters and numbers). Under each respective folder, you will find several directories. A folder (this is the actual program, and no data is stored under this other than what makes the app run), a tmp folder (also not used for personal data), a Library folder and a Documents folder. Both the last two usually store game save info and other data for the app. Back up those two directories.

Now an important note, when you restore them, make sure they are restored under the same permissions (mobile:mobile). You'll have to change them if they are not as that will break the app. Google "chown" and "chmod" for more details.

Backing up and restoring requires a bit of knowledge about permissions, owners and rights, and a bit of command line expertise. But it is relatively simple if you do a bit of reading.


answered 12 Feb '11, 23:45

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thanks! and I suppose the steps to restore the saved data to the app in the iDevice is of a similar method?


answered 12 Feb '11, 01:45

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I recommend ifunbox ( There's only a need for afc2add if it doesn't already exist on your device. (Was meant for older jailbreaks that didn't include it in the jailbreak payload along with Cydia)

You'll know if you have it by trying to access the root filesystem via USB (iPhone explorer or ifunbox)

SSH is not needed if you're accessing via USB

AppLinks is not needed if you're using ifunbox


answered 12 Feb '11, 23:57

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u need open ssh and winscp combo to make this work


answered 11 Feb '11, 09:39

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