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Hi all,

I have iphone 4s 16GB 5.1.1 and i jailbroke it yesterday with Absinthe 2.0 and is working like a charm :).

MY phone is carrier locked as i bought it in ENGLAND and is locked with THREE network.

I am looking for anything over the internet which would help me how to unlock my phone after jailbreaking my device :( .... people have written it in very complex language and i dont understand, they keep saying reserve your TICKET (WTF)..

Anyone please can you guide me how can i SIM UNLOCK my IPHONE 4S and make it work with a network in the country which i am right now....i am desperate for answers. (keeping in mind i have already jailbroken it)


asked 27 May '12, 07:16

hashsohail's gravatar image


Nice, basically jailbreaking is unlock 3 party software lock. you can unlock your iphone 4s network lock using Remote unlock method provide world best iphone unlocking service with fast process .

(21 Sep '12, 01:36) mannar mannar's gravatar image

@mannar Nice try. Nuh uh.

(21 Sep '12, 02:24) spockers ♦♦ spockers's gravatar image

You call the carrier the phone is originally from and say "i would like to unlock my iphone"


answered 27 May '12, 07:17

theiphoneguy's gravatar image

theiphoneguy ♦


You bet me lol :P

(27 May '12, 07:19) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

You cant unlock your iPhone 4s using any sort of method,, only option for you is to ring 3 and ask them politely for an unlock,, they should give you the unlock (ofcourse for a little money) as my brother got it aswell :)


answered 27 May '12, 07:18

Mrozzy123's gravatar image


sir as i am already in a different country and it will cost me alot to call them and make the payment to three people, i was looking for a much alternate way :( can jailbreak help me carrier unlock my phone? because i have already jailbroken it...any idea? :)

(27 May '12, 07:20) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

Nope, sorry :(

(27 May '12, 07:21) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

i bought this phone from EBAY, i do have all the details of the first owner but the first owner havent paid the bills of this phone and it was on contract and sold it to me on EBAY :/ if i call :3: people will they still entertain me and unlock it for me , i am happy to make the small payment for unlocking?

(27 May '12, 07:21) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

3 is the only way to unlock

(27 May '12, 07:23) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

3 is a GSM network I assume?

If so, check out the Gevey sim. It will work.


answered 27 May '12, 07:27

cybr1d's gravatar image

cybr1d ♦

the country in which i am now, there are no GEVEY sims lol i have moved to pakistan from england thanks to my lovely father and now i am doomed, cant even use my phone :'( i will give a call to '' 3'' People i believe they are the only people who can help...

BUT can you please guide me with a link which has step by step method how UNJAILBREAK my iphone and store it back to its true condition :D thank you

(27 May '12, 07:31) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

If your phone is not oficially unlocked and activated if you unjailbreak (using iTunes) you will not be able to use your phone at all

(27 May '12, 07:34) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

my phone is CARRIER locked, but i have jail broken there anyway i can go back to its true state (UNJAILBREAK) and then ask three people to unlock it? please help

did i made a mistake jailbreaking a LOCKED PHONE? now there is no way of my going back to its true state and getting the unlock method from 3 people?

(27 May '12, 07:38) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

The problem with unjailbreaking is that you'll need a Three SIM card just to activate the phone and use it at all.

But if you're determined, plug it into iTunes and click restore.

(27 May '12, 07:40) cybr1d ♦ cybr1d's gravatar image

Always better to get the unlock first ;)

(27 May '12, 07:40) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

okie dokie mate, so the best way is to call the THREE people, make the payment and get it unlocked and then connect it to ITUNES? and it will unlock and unjailbreak for me itself?

I am really sorry i am questioning too much i am just confused and thinking i made a mistake by jailbreaking my locked phone...

I ALREADY have the THREE SIM CARD in my phone (its on international roaming at the moment)

(27 May '12, 07:44) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

Yes,, once activated,, you can go ahead and jailbreak (if you want) :)

(27 May '12, 08:00) Mrozzy123 Mrozzy123's gravatar image

hi mate. i have iphone 4s 5.1.1 jailbroken Absinthe 2.0.1 which is Locked with 3 UK network...will the GEVEY ULTRA S sim unlock my phone while its jailbroken? if not i will bring it back to factory setting then can unlock with gevey sim but will i be able to JAILBREAK my iphone again once its unlocked with gevey sim? Thanks alot in advance?

(31 May '12, 15:16) hashsohail hashsohail's gravatar image

[For anyone following this thread, the question is being answered over here.]

(31 May '12, 18:39) britta britta's gravatar image

nice answer


answered 21 Sep '12, 01:35

mannar's gravatar image


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