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If greenpois0n has no Internet connection or requires a proxy, it cannot download the two payload files needed. The solution is to download them manually and place them in the same folder as greenpois0n before running it.

The question now is from where to download these files? I could trace the HTTP traffic myself and check, but I don't want to re-jailbreak again just to find out. Also the URLs are different for each device.

Can someone list the official URLs please? (No uploads elsewhere please.)

asked 11 Feb '11, 06:22

http's gravatar image

http ♦

I checked the traffic as GP did it's thing and it tried to contact: (

But I don't get any full URL.

Searching through the Hex of the greenpois0n executable, I see a bunch of URLs for the ipsw's, and Apple's Certificate Revocation List ( but nothing all that helpful...


answered 11 Feb '11, 11:22

gomanski's gravatar image


Well, anyway thanks. When I jailbreak again, I'll monitor the traffic and post details.

(11 Feb '11, 16:50) http ♦ http's gravatar image

Sure. Let us know what you find out. =)

(11 Feb '11, 16:51) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Checked today: It didn't download anything. So I assume it got the files from the device or from iTunes cache.

(12 Feb '11, 18:39) http ♦ http's gravatar image

pod2g told me gp d/l the ipsw regularly from Apple. Then gp must extract and change the files from there. This voids my question.


answered 13 Feb '11, 13:13

http's gravatar image

http ♦

So, wait, there's no way it downloads the whole .ipsw (that'd be like 600MB); but it's definitely doing something on the network; is it grabbing some hashes or public keys from Apple?

(13 Feb '11, 14:39) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Well, I don't know how it works in detail, but it must download at least a part from the ipsw. Greenpois0n needs the kernelcache file and that's in the ipsw. And because it's copyrighted code from Apple, it cannot be included in greenpois0n - also it would be too big to fit into gp (4MB for each device). I used Fiddler to trace the HTTP traffic, but it seems like it goes undetected. I'll use a real network sniffer next time.

(13 Feb '11, 17:18) http ♦ http's gravatar image

I just traced the traffic with Wireshark and ran greenpois0n rc6 again. Result: It downloads,1_4.2.1_8C148_Restore.ipsw - but only parts of it. It uses the HTTP command GET with Range: bytes=654484539-654550095 etc. so actually it unzips the parts it needs. The whole file would be 624MB. I only tested iPhone 4. In short, the answer to my original question is that it's not possible to download these two files directly from anywhere.

(13 Feb '11, 18:14) http ♦ http's gravatar image
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