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Iphone 4 4.2.1. Last night I did the jailbreak with GP rc5 b4. Jailbreak done correct but after installing cydia it rebooted and now it stays with the skull in the screen for ever. I cannot even restore with itunes. It seems it stays frozen booting up. Not even pressing sleep and home button at the same time. PLS HELP. Thnks

asked 11 Feb '11, 06:08

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edited 11 Feb '11, 16:57

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Pressing Sleep and Home together does a reset and always works - otherwise you have a hardware problem. Maybe you just need to press longer? Just try again. Then put it into DFU mode, restore it and gp again.


answered 11 Feb '11, 06:16

http's gravatar image

http ♦

Also, it might be a good idea to just let it sit at the skull for a while. Some users have reported that it can site there for up to 15 minutes the first time. That wasn't my experience, but... Are you running greenpois0n over a FRESH install?

(11 Feb '11, 06:18) biver biver's gravatar image

thats not true whatsoever. There is no hardware problem there is a clear software problem. You must enter DFU and run Limera1n it will boot you into recovery and then restore to a Fresh new iPhone and run GP again.

(11 Feb '11, 18:17) Monroe Monroe's gravatar image

I had this the other day, I had t put it into dfu mode restore and then jailbreak again, now it's working perfectly :)


answered 11 Feb '11, 06:21

Trueomega's gravatar image


Thnks for the answers, I´ll try again. I´ll tell u guys how it goes. ;)


answered 11 Feb '11, 06:28

chemix's gravatar image


ok guys. Now itunes doesn´t recognize the iphone but the laptop can read the pictures in it. The laptop recognizes it by 'apple iphone' but itunes doesn´t even know it´s there. ???? I turn off the iphone before conecting it to the laptop, then open itunes, and then turn the iphone on. The iphone starts loading but when it gets to show the skull in the screen, it stops !! PLS HLP ;(

(11 Feb '11, 12:20) chemix chemix's gravatar image

By the way, the iphone stayed on for the whole night, and it had 2 weeks old with original software. :(

(11 Feb '11, 12:22) chemix chemix's gravatar image

ok guys, finally itunes recognized the iphone !! restored the iphone ok, then did jailbreak. Loader worked properly and installed Cydia. The only question I have is that on top of the Cydia screen it says ' This device has a pending TSS request ' Is this normal or am I missing something ???? Thnks and keep up this good good work !!!

(11 Feb '11, 16:32) chemix chemix's gravatar image

Totally normal. Check back in a day or 2 or 3 and it will report your actual saved SHSH list.

(11 Feb '11, 16:45) biver biver's gravatar image

thnks biver, i´ll check again in 2 or 3 days. ;)

(11 Feb '11, 18:01) chemix chemix's gravatar image

Hi Chemix, How long did you wait for iPhone restored ( after frozen in booting )? I am in same problem and still waiting the resettled process for full night (7 hours already) ...Why the frozen during master reset happen? Mine is iPhone 4, iOs 4.2.1


answered 11 Feb '11, 17:15

Dang%20Nguyen's gravatar image

Dang Nguyen

Hi dang, what I did is ; I turned the iphone off by pressing power and home together until it turns off. Then opened itunes. Then conected the iphone to the cable of the computer so that itunes recognizes it, this can take some time. Once conected to itunes it will tell u that it´s on dfu mode and that you need to restore it. You restore it. After this I did the jailbreak again and for now it seems it´s working OK. The restore part can take as long as 45 minutes !! I hope this also works for you. Good Luck !!


answered 11 Feb '11, 17:56

chemix's gravatar image


wats dfu mode


answered 14 Mar '11, 14:00

blaq1982's gravatar image


Hi I need help I have the same problem, I know I can reestore but I dont want to update to 4.3 how can I reestore to 4.2.1 again. I did the shift+restore thing but no luck error 3194 came up . any Ideas please Thank you


answered 19 Mar '11, 10:50

jvc's gravatar image


Hi I need help I have the same problem, I know I can reestore but I dont want to update to 4.3 how can I reestore to 4.2.1 again. I did the shift+restore thing but no luck error 3194 came up . any Ideas please Thank you


answered 19 Mar '11, 10:50

jvc's gravatar image


@jvc - you need to have 4.2.1 shsh's and a modified hosts file pointing to either Cydia server or Local server, that's why you get that error, download TinyUmbrella, connect idevice, hit 'save shsh', watch 'log' and see what it reports.


answered 19 Mar '11, 11:06

venusanann's gravatar image


hi guy, i try restore back 4.2.1 firmware but have error 3194 then the phone reboot again on skull logo, plz help me....


answered 25 Mar '11, 19:53

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