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I've got a ipad2 (wifi only,16GB) with 5.0.1 and jailbreak with absinthe 0.4 version,everything work well on the iPad .
Besides the tools come with absinthe JB,I install only iapfree ,add some sources and source icon,nothing else.
one day I delete some source icon(actually all source icon in cydia),ignore the warning that cydia says,then cydia disappear .

after this,I've tried to put cydia.deb in the right ***/cydia/autoinstall folder ,restart the device for many times,but this did't work.

I also try to put the entire folder in the /application , after that ,the cydia icon was back,but it just went down when I click the cydia icon,someone told me to set language to English ,which did't work;copy keyboard folder to the right place to overwrite the original folder,that fails too.

When I connect the device to my pc,the iTools and PP assistant (software like the iTools )they told me this ipad2 was already jailbreaken,but without cydia,this isn't perfect.As I did't have the shsh for iOS 5.0.1,only 5.1 and 5.1.1,it seems impossible to restore this device,then jailbreak again.even worse,absinthe can't re-jailbreak because it's jailbreaken,and redsn0w stuck at step which you turn on the VPN ,nothing happen.

SO,is there any way to fix or reinstall the cydia?

asked 14 May '12, 22:14

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Karma strikes again! Shouldn't have been stealin'.


answered 15 May '12, 00:51

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spockers ♦♦

edited 15 May '12, 00:53

JailbreakQA has a very important "No piracy" rule, as noted on the "Ask a question" page. We can't help support people who use tools for getting paid products for free.

I am curious though - why did you ignore the warning that popped up when you uninstalled Cydia? Did it not make sense, or did you simply want to uninstall Cydia? Anyway, if reinstalling Cydia using the AutoInstall method isn't working, something deeper might be going wrong. You might want to just restore the device and wait for a new jailbreak to be released, and then be more careful next time (including not installing piracy tools and not uninstalling Cydia).


answered 15 May '12, 03:06

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thank you for your kind help~ Use Tools like iapfree do make game more easy,but also uninteresting . if you like the app,why not support the game developer with the in app purchasing? maybe the only benefit to use this,is that you won't accidentally buy things you don't want , especially when you got credits in you AppStore account -.-

how we use tools make each one different,JB to make you free to use your I-device,but it did't mean we should take cracked app for one should.

Back to the question,if anyone accidentally deleted cydia , or like my situation , broken the cydia , can we simply uninstall (delete)the cydia and get a fresh new cydia? without cydia , you even can't install .deb files on your device (assume you did't get ifile too).

(15 May '12, 10:44) lijinjie251 lijinjie251's gravatar image
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