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ok ive done jailbreaken my iphone 4 with at&t and three other ones for friends so i know pretty much what im doing. The thing is everytime i try to do it with my new iphone 4 from verizon I keep having to restore it.. I downloaded Greenpoison RC5.4 and im still getting the same problem.. Heres what happens. I start greenpoison do the hold and the hold two buttons then back to the last button but everytime it gets to the last 4 sec Itunes pops up. once this happens I have to restore my phone.. Anyone Know why this is happening and how I can get past this.. Thanks

asked 10 Feb '11, 18:03

mushroom's gravatar image


edited 02 Feb '12, 20:14

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spockers ♦♦

Yes Ive turned off sync with itunes so Ive already done that. forgot to put that in..

(10 Feb '11, 18:06) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

Ah. I assume you mean you keep seeing this warning:

alt text

Seeing that is expected if you have iTunes open. That's what DFU mode is for; restoring the firmware.

When you get to that screen, just ignore the warning. Quit iTunes, and run greenpois0n, and you'll be fine!


answered 10 Feb '11, 18:07

gomanski's gravatar image



Correct, and as long as you have a blank screen and not the "plug into iTunes" screen, you're fine.

(10 Feb '11, 18:08) biver biver's gravatar image


(10 Feb '11, 18:10) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

did that work?

(10 Feb '11, 18:12) biver biver's gravatar image

ok just got back and tried what was said.. the problem now is itunes is no longer poping up but the phone isnt going into DFU. not only that surprisingly im not having to restore anymore. now it just bring it up like nothing happened.. huh??

(10 Feb '11, 19:25) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

So, if you could clarify; were you able to get it into DFU mode and run greenpois0n? Or are you having difficulty getting back into DFU mode?

(10 Feb '11, 19:28) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

cant get into DFU mode.. after i do the button thing it just starts the phone like i didnt do anything.. i hope that helps.. phone starts like it would if you just turned it on and did nothing..

(10 Feb '11, 19:31) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

Well, all I can say is keep trying, the timing is hard to get, but pretty foolproof once you have it. You can try launching greenpois0n without being in DFU mode already, and it should give you a countdown to help you put it in DFU mode.

(10 Feb '11, 19:34) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Kool ill give it a try.. thanks

(10 Feb '11, 19:35) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

ALRIGHT! KooL I got it.. Thanks for all The Help..

(10 Feb '11, 19:47) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image

Yeah, when entering DFU mode the Hold the two buttons step is too long, it's literally 1.5 seconds. If you're getting the "plug into iTunes" graphic, you're in recovery mode and you "missed" DFU mode. make sense?


answered 10 Feb '11, 18:07

biver's gravatar image


ALRIGHT! KooL I got it.. Thanks for all The Help..

(10 Feb '11, 19:54) mushroom mushroom's gravatar image
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