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Like the sourcres you download in your iphone or can it give you viruses or malware to steal your info? thanks let me know :)

asked 10 Feb '11, 17:28

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Technically, the whole point of jailbreaking is getting your device to run what's known as "Unsigned" code. What this means is that the applications on a non-jailbroken phone must be approved by Apple in order to run at all.

When you jailbreak your phone, you grant it the ability to run programs that have not been approved by Apple.

The development teams that are involved in the jailbreaking process are on-the-level, and are generally at least as trustworthy as a multinational company, right?

But you should know that you have been handed the keys to really screw yourself if you're not careful. Like other people have said, the following are the best ways to keep yourself protected:

1. Only install software from trusted repositories on Cydia.

     The sources that are installed by default with Cydia are trusted. Stick with them unless you have a real good reason to add another.

2. Do not install pirated or cracked apps

     Cracked applications are illegal, and may even contain malicious code.

3. In general, know what you're doing!

    If you're not sure if you understand what something does on Cydia, (such as OpenSSH) don't install it!

     Cydia contains many great tools for computer-savvy folks, but they can put you at risk if you don't know how to make them secure.


answered 11 Feb '11, 17:11

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edited 13 Feb '11, 00:04

ok but theres no way of any 1 stealing my info or passwords if i dont download open ssh from cydia right?

(11 Feb '11, 18:31) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

Not any more than there is with a non-jailbroken iPhone. =)

(11 Feb '11, 18:33) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

srry i dont understand so i am protected and dont have to change anything and dont need to worry about people stealing anything if i dont download Open SSH??

(11 Feb '11, 18:38) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

What I'm saying is, if you follow those rules, jailbreaking won't make you any more unsafe. Your iPhone is vulnerable to certain attacks whether you're jailbroken or not.

(11 Feb '11, 18:42) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

ok thanks for your help but do i need to change the root passowrd when i jailbreak or im fine if i dont download open SSH i just wan tto jailbreak for the themes ''winterboard''. ?

(11 Feb '11, 18:49) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

If you don't download OpenSSH, then don't worry about having to change any password. You're safe.

(11 Feb '11, 18:52) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

ok thank you for your help! :)

(11 Feb '11, 18:55) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

Gomanski. This is a good response, however it's not necessary to name "untrusted" repositories. That seems counter-productive to me.

(12 Feb '11, 04:41) biver biver's gravatar image

Good point, removed the actual names, =)

(12 Feb '11, 17:44) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Like it was said, stick with official repos already in Cydia, and only download and use well-known and trusted software (don't just browse and install random apps).

Find out what other people use. Ask around if you find something new.

The only times I've heard of people having trouble with their iPhone not being protected is when they left SSH open with the default root password of alpine. Make sure you change that! ("root" and "mobile" both default to having the password "alpine").


answered 10 Feb '11, 18:55

Xenomorph's gravatar image


To add to the SSH issue; @hockey123, if you don't know what SSH is, don't install OpenSSH in Cydia. If you do know what it is, then you should know how to login as root and type "passwd" to change the root password and "passwd mobile" to change the mobile password. =)

(10 Feb '11, 20:10) gomanski gomanski's gravatar image

Lol im confused whats this root password? if i dont change it what happends?

(10 Feb '11, 23:26) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

If someone detects your iPhone on the same network as them, they could try to log in with the default "admin" password and then delete files from your phone, install malware, and/or change the root password then so YOU can't login to fix anything.

(10 Feb '11, 23:30) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

If i change the password can i still use itunes and other stuff and restore if i want?

(10 Feb '11, 23:34) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

Yes. Local apps still run as root. The password is pretty much only used when you connect via SSH.

(10 Feb '11, 23:36) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

lol srry but whats SSH? when i jailbreak my iphone am i not protected anymore? im new to this lol

(10 Feb '11, 23:43) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

Secure SHell. To really simplify it, think of it as accessing a Command Prompt on your iOS device. I use it to run commands, install programs, and transfer files to and from my iPhone.

(10 Feb '11, 23:45) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

ok but if i just jailbreak it to get themes and i dont download openssh do i need to change the root still?

(10 Feb '11, 23:47) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

If you don't enable SSH (via the OpenSSH addon), then you cannot change the password - but at the same time, other people cannot log in as root with the default password, so then there is nothing to worry about.

(10 Feb '11, 23:50) Xenomorph Xenomorph's gravatar image

Ok thanks! srry just to clear it up so if i odnt download openSSH off of cydia and just download winterboard for themes i dont have to worry about people stealing my info right?

(10 Feb '11, 23:52) hockey123 hockey123's gravatar image

100% right.

(11 Feb '11, 05:30) biver biver's gravatar image

Stick to the sources that are included with your phone and you're gonna be pretty safe. Start installing lots of repos and you don't know what you're gonna get. I hope and trust that the repos that are included in Cydia by default are on the straight and narrow, but you never know. I mean the repo itself won't give you a virus or steal any info, but who knows what apps are out there.


answered 10 Feb '11, 17:31

biver's gravatar image


So am i still safe still? or when you jailbreak are you open with no protection?


answered 10 Feb '11, 17:34

hockey123's gravatar image


Your fine

(10 Feb '11, 19:11) Shoots Shoots's gravatar image

Your phone might run a little slower but that's about it

(10 Feb '11, 19:12) Shoots Shoots's gravatar image

The process is safety... Dangerous is what you install on the i4 after JB. Remember that cracked apps is dangerous...

(12 Feb '11, 17:54) JupiterBrazil JupiterBrazil's gravatar image

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